How to create distraction free environment.

Dream big work hard stay focused & surround yourself with good people.

Here are some tips to train yourself in order not to get distracted.

1) Ask people to give you privacy.

You really can’t study in a room full of people. Studying in a room full of people will get you easily distracted because they are not gonna stop talking or gigging and soon you’ll end up talking and doing nothing. Stay alone and study hard.

2) Get enough sleep. πŸ’€

Sleep plays an essential role in your health and wellbeing throughout your life. Quality sleep will improve your mental, emotional and physical performance. Get at least 8 hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation can affect your mood, energy level, and ability to focus, concentrate, and learn – thus directly affecting your academic performance.

3) Keep your phone aside.

For a student phone is the biggest distraction. Keep your phone on silent mode and throw it in the other corner of your room. (Dude don’t literally throw itπŸ˜‚)

4) Study in parts.

Divide the chapter or the topic you want to study. Bealive me by seeing the whole topic (if long) you won’t be able to make it on time. Divide the topics so that you can easily memorise it and rock in your paper.